Clarendon Centre

The Clarendon Centre is a 4,600m² retail centre in South Melbourne

Clarendon Centre

"Retail in the inner city has always been competitive, and the impacts of COVID have made attracting visitors and ensuring they come back even more challenging. have been able to give us deep, accurate, and highly beneficial insight into our customers and how they use our services - in turn, allowing us to better serve them, bring in business for our retailers, and be proactive, rather than reactive, in how we invest and plan."

Vanessa Brown, Head of Marketing

Clarendon Property Group

Who: The Clarendon Centre is owned by the Clarendon Property Group. It is a 4,600m² retail centre with 3,880m² of office space, situated in the heart of Clarendon Street, South Melbourne, 1.5km from the Melbourne CBD. The retail component comprises a Coles supermarket, 21 specialty stores, and a Medical and Allied Health Centre. The two upper office levels are occupied by Fox FM, Triple M, and the Head Office of Southern Cross Austereo.

Why: Clarendon Property Group approached to gain a deep understanding of who their current and target customers are, carry out competitor analysis, and use data analytics to help inform asset repositioning, marketing, and leasing strategies.

How: Using AI technology, geofencing capabilities, and psychographic profiles, collected, measured, and analysed key information about Clarendon Centre's customers (both pre-COVID and post-COVID), including:

  • Activity: Busiest centre locations, days of the week, hours of the day and dwell time
  • Demographics: Home locations, age, income, country of birth, family composition and more
  • Psychographics: Customer personas and preferences for food & beverage, health & wellness, fashion, personal services and more
  • Competitor Analysis: Geofencing of nearby competing centres to understand what customers Clarendon Centre are competing for and who they should be targeting

The Outcome: Using these data-driven insights, was able to assist Clarendon Property Group to:

  • Pinpoint the times and days of highest and lowest traffic, and why, to determine when promotions, events, or activities should be carried out at the centre
  • Determine how locals currently utilise the centre in comparison to competing centres, to inform strategies on how to improve customer loyalty over nearby competitors
  • Understand the psychographics of their customers to determine what kind of customers they should be targeting, and in what areas
  • Determine what amenity and services they should be incorporating into the centre to attract these target customers, based on their preferences and attitudes

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