600 Lonsdale

600 Lonsdale is a 42-storey office development in the Melbourne CBD

600 Lonsdale

“propella.ai delivered deep insights about our target office tenants and trade area that will help inform our building design, amenity & services and leasing strategy going forward for the development of 600 Lonsdale Street. At V-Leader, people are at the heart of everything we do and our aim is to create a place of the highest quality that will enrich both individual lives and entire communities.”

 Senior Development Manager, V-Leader.

600 Lonsdale is a 42-storey building that will contribute to the rapidly transforming “West End” of the central business district. Designed with landscaped terraces, outdoor amenities and balconies accessible from office spaces at every level, 600 Lonsdale offers a setting for collaboration and interaction, as well as for respite and connection with nature.

Customer Profiling was carried out by propella.ai, whereby future office tenants were targeted and profiled using psychographics, delivering insight into their preferences for Food & Beverage, Health & Wellness, Personal Services, Activities, Values and Technology Adoption. This deep analysis of future worker values, behaviours and preferences helped to inform V-Leader's building design, as well as generate valuable marketing and leasing material to demonstrate that V-Leader thinks of their future office tenants as customers and has designed a workplace at 600 Lonsdale to cater to their wants and needs.

Location Intelligence was also carried out, including propella.ai defining the catchment area that the development is located
within, then reviewing the supply and demand of people, infrastructure, retail businesses and services within the catchment area.

Predictions on retail uses that were in undersupply, equilibrium and oversupply within the catchment area were derived using propella.ai's proprietary artificial intelligence model, to help V-Leader determine appropriate retail uses at 600 Lonsdale that that will bring benefit to their future office customers, the surrounding
community and help create sustainable retail businesses.

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