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At propella.ai, we're transforming the landscape of professional services with advanced AI and data analytics. Collaborating with leading professionals in accounting, law, and finance, we're unlocking the full potential of technology to optimise efficiency and decision-making.

Explore our world where insights become strategic advantages, driving innovation and growth in the ever-evolving digital arena. Join our mission to redefine the future of tech-enabled business success.

Success Depends on Having a Data & AI Strategy That Can Enable and Accelerate Transformation of Your Business.

Taking Control of Your Data and Intellectual Property Assets

Harness the full power of your data and intellectual property by centralising your assets, ensuring they are properly managed and utilised to drive business growth and innovation.

Delivering a User Experience That Is Embraced by Your Clients

Create intuitive and engaging user experiences that resonate with your clients, fostering loyalty and encouraging sustained engagement.

Leveraging the Right Technologies

Adopt the latest technologies targeted at automatable processes to enhance efficiency and create high-value impact.

Iterating Quickly and Reliably

Accelerate innovation with agile processes that allow for rapid iteration and reliable delivery of new features and improvements.

Our Services


Data Services

Centralisation in a data lake, modelling to specific needs, and clear reporting are just the start. We organise and integrate your data from various sources to make it ready for AI and other advanced analytics.

AI Foundations

Embed and enable AI across your enterprise as a managed service. We ensure a secure, unified experience that is responsive to your business needs and is integrated with your existing data and technology stack.

We work with you to implement your Data & AI Flywheel

Automate routine tasks by curating data, freeing up business capacity.

Ensure critical information reaches the correct people swiftly.

Streamline the management of intellectual property and knowledge in your organisation.

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How it Works

Collaborative Expertise

Workshop and apply best practice ways of working for Professional Services.

Team Agility

Small expert teams that work with you in a transparent and agile approach.

Custom Implementation Strategy

Define a strategy and use cases that are tailored for your business.

Impactful Solutions

‘Steel Thread’ solutions that prove value early and can be used in your business from Sprint 1.